6th of October : Go Green No.3 🍀

The first buffet of the autumn in Asia Mat Lofoten restaurant is ‘🍀Go Green No.3🍀’.
(vegan buffet)

No meat
No egg
No milk
Just the greens and their family 🍀🤗


If you like to participate in the event please send us message on facebook, make your reservation here, or call us on on this number +47 476 75 130


The Menu includes :

🌕Fresh healthy couscous salad with mango ,capers and vegetables
🌕Hummus(cooked Chicpeas paste & tahini),Motabal(aubergine dip)and Foul(broad beans) topped with olive oil ,chopped onions,tomatoes and olives served with thin bread
🌕Mung dal soup with fried onions ,garlic,fresh lemon juice,parsley and coconut milk
🌕assorted bread,pickles and condiments

🌕Brown natural basmati rice with steamed asian vegetables
🌕Okra stew with tomato sauce :Fresh okra cooked in aromatic tomato sauce with herbs
🌕 Loobia -polo:mixed rice with fresh green beans,tomatoes,soya chunks and spice ,topped with fried onion
🌕Noodles with different Asian vegetables in special sauce
🌕 Gram Masala vegetable curry with coconut milk
🌕Steamed rice with saffron
⭐️2nd ,5th main dishes can be served with rice

👶🏻– KID’S MENU –
🌕spaghetti in tomato sauce with soya chunks
🌕Falafel balls and chips
🥧– Dessert –
🌕Mango Pudding and jelly
🌕Persian date,sweets and small cakes
🌕tropical fruit salad
🌕 Chocolate sesame halwa

☕️– DRINKS –
🌕Different types of juice and exotic drinks
🌕Persian tea (spiced tea)
🌕Arabic coffee


Sunday 06.10.19
15:00-18:00 (35 people)
18:00-20:00 take away
Share the post and the event with your friends on facebook



The price is kr. 300,- for adults and children over 12 years. The price for children (5 – 12 years old) is kr. 150,-. Children under 5 years no charge. Juice, soft drinks, tea and coffee are included.

Welcome ☺️

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