Iranian buffet 17. November👩🏻‍🍳🇮🇷

17 November 15.00 – 17:00, take-away 17:00 – 19:00

Asia Mat Lofoten, Storgata 31, 8370 Leknes

Make your reservation here

Hi to you all 👩🏻‍🍳

We are announcing next Iranian buffet ☺️🎉🍗🍖🇮🇷🥗🌯🥙🍭🍮in Asia Mat Lofoten restaurant for those who attended our previous buffets happily and for the ones who will join us this time .

If you like to participate please make your resrvation here or send us message on Asia Mat Lofoten Facebook page for table reservation 🌷🙏🏻

The Menu includes :

🥗– Starter–

🌕Fresh rich healthy vegetable salad with white beans and feta cheese 

🌕steamed different Asian vegetables 

🌕Hommus,Motabal,Dolme and foul(cooked chickpeas paste,Tahine ,grilled aubegine ,stuffed wine leaves and beans served with thin bread)

🌕wheat Ash(traditional Iranian thick soup with lots of different grains and fresh herbs served with fried mint,garlic and onion ) 

🌕Fried Chicken liver with steamed bulgur and herbs 

🌕assorted bread,yogurt,pickles and condiments


🌕vegetarian okra stew(okra,tomato and yellow split peas cooked in spiced sauce)

🌕Fesenjoon with Chicken(tender chicken cooked in aromatic pomegranate sauce and walnuts 

🌕Baked Fish served on basmati rice mixed with dill &broad bean

🌕Ghorme Sabzi (mouthwatering traditional Iranian lamb stew cooked in mixed fried herbs with dry lemon and red kidney beans )

⭐️All 4 Main courses are served with saffron basmati rice


🌕Spaghetti with minced meat in tomato,cheese and basil sauce 

🌕sausages and chips


🌕Shole Zard:Saffron Rice pudding 

🌕Persian date,sweets and small cakes 

🌕tropical fruit salad


🌕Dough (yogurt drink with mint) 

🌕Different types of juice and exotic 


🌕Dough(yogurt drink)

🌕Persian tea (spiced tea)

🌕Aromatic spiced coffee

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