Iranian buffet, 5th December 2020

😊We are announcing next Iranian Buffet in Asia Mat Lofoten restaurant for those who attended our previous buffets happily and for the ones who will join us this time.

The event will happen on Saturday 5th of Dec.

We will have a limited number of seats available due to the covid-19 regulations. 

If you like to participate please contact us via our website or send us message on Asia Mat Lofoten Facebook page for table reservation

Saturday 05.12.20, at 18:00 – 20:00

20:00 – 21:00 take away

It’s a three course buffet, with different types of starters, main dishes and desserts.

The price is kr. 350,- for adults and children over 10 years. The price for children (5 – 10 years old) is kr. 175,-. Children under 5 years no charge. Juice, soft drinks, tea and coffee are included.

Make your reservation here

⭐️The Menu includes :

– Starter–

🌕Fresh rich healthy vegetable salad with red beans and feta cheese 

🌕Hommus,Motabal and foul(cooked chickpeas paste,Tahine ,grilled aubegine and beans served with thin bread)

🌕barely soup(traditional creamy Iranian soup with barely and fresh herbs served with fried garlic and onion ) 

🌕assorted bread,pickles and condiments

– Main course –

🌕Zereshk polo with Chicken(tender chicken cooked in aromatic tomato sauce and herbs with saffron basmati rice and barberry and nuts)

🌕Baked Fish served on basmati rice mixed with dill &broad bean

🌕Gheime (mouthwatering traditional Iranian lamb stew cooked in yellow split peas with dry lemon and fried potatoes)

⭐️All 3 Main courses are served with saffron basmati rice

-kids’ menu-

🌕sausages and chips

– Dessert –

🌕Persian sweets and small cakes 

🌕tropical fruit salad

🌕Jelly and cream 

– Drinks –

🌕Different types of juice and exotic 


🌕Persian tea (spiced tea)


⭐️The price is kr. 350,- for adults and children over 10 years. 

⭐️The price for children (3-10 years old) is kr. 175,-.

Children under 3 years no charge.

Juice, tea and coffee are included.

Saturday 05.12.20


20:00-21:00 take away

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Make your reservation here

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